Our Academy offers flexible and highly specialized training programs in the field of tourism, culture and ICT. Our mission is to train young talents and prepare them to face challenges and opportunities of the labour market. One of the strengths of our company is the close collaboration with the entrepreneurial sector. This collaboration favors the development of strategies and activities win/win that generate competitive advantages for the members of the network.

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research and selection of talents

We support you to find the right candidates for your company needs by providing a pool of qualified and motivated young talent. Our courses have a duration of 1800 hours including 950 classroom hours and 850 hours of intership. The skills acquired in the classroom by our students will contribute to the implementation and development of your business processes.

lectures and testimonies in the classrooms

Lectures and testimonies in the classrooms are a unique opportunity for companies to share their experience and get to know the students of our Academy. Companies have the opportunity to propose their experts as teachers for specific courses or thematic modules. This leads to an exchange of knowledge that allows companies to “learn by teaching” bringing home new visions and insights generated by the meeting with our students

Project work and 4.0 projects

We collaborate with companies to develope project work and 4.0 projects, offering the opportunity to work closely with students and solve concrete industry challenges. This type of approach allows students to apply their knowledge to concrete situations, bringing innovation and new insights within the company departments.

Expansion of your corporate network

By joining our network, companies have the opportunity to interact and share knowledge, experiences and best practices with other companies in the industry. This fosters the development of collaborative relationships and the creation of synergies that can lead to new opportunities for growth and innovation. The ITS corporate network offers numerous spaces and opportunities for collaboration between companies. This may include strategic partnerships for the development of joint projects, as well as the sharing of resources and expertise to address common challenges.

course design

Join us as a partner company and actively participate at the design of innovative courses. Partner companies play a fundamental role in our process, bringing experience, knowledge and a clear vision about the most sought-after professionals. With our partners we are able to create training paths targeted to the needs of the labour market. Become a partner and lead the next generation of talents.”

training events and visibility

With ITS, companies have access to training events, in addition, partner companies will regularly appear in our communication channels and informative materials. This activities not only offers tangible visibility to companies, but also helps to promote knowledge sharing and mutual support among network members.

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